Backstreet Boys CD`S

1.I want it that way                                         9.I´ll never break your heart

2.Everybody(Backstreet´s Back)                10.The Call 

3.As long as you love me                              11.Shape of my heart

4.Show me the meaning of being lonely    12.Get Down(You´re the one for me)

5.Quit playin´games(with my heart)            13.Anywhere for you

6.We´ve got it goin´on                                   14.More than that

7.All I have to give                                         15.Drowning

8.Larger than life

1.The Call                                                  8.More than that

2.Shape of my heart                                9.Time

3.Get another byofriend                         10.Not for me

4.Shining Star                                           11.Yes I will

5.I promise you(with everything I am) 12.It´s true 

6.The Answer to our life                         13.How did I fall in love with you


1.Larger than life                                            7.Don´t wanna lose you now

2.I want it that way                                        8.The One

3.Show me the meaning of being lonley    9.Back to your heart

4.It´s gotta be you                                        10.Spanish Eyes

5.I need  you tonight                                   11.No one else come close

6.Don´t want you back                                12.The perfect fan                         

1.Everybody(Backstreet´s Back)         7.Hey Mr. DJ(keep playin´this song)              

2.As long as you love me                      8.Set adrift on memory bliss

3.All I have to give                                9.That´s the way she said

4.That´s the way I like it                    10.If you want it  to be good girl (get yourself a bad boy)

5.10.000 Promises                              11.If I don´t have you

6.Like a child

           Texte vom Backstreet Boys Album  

1.We´ve got it goin´on                             9.Everytime I close my eyes

2.Anywhere for you                                 10.Darlin´

3.Get Down (you´re the one for me)    11.Let´s have a party

4.I´ll never break your heart               12.Roll with it

5.Quit playin´games(with my heart)  13.Nobody but you                               

6.Boys will be boys                              14.Don´t leave me

7.Just to be close                                15.Give me your heart

8.I wanna be with you                        16.Lay down beside me

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